DecodeOgg Native Extension


DecodeOgg - Native extension for decoding ogg files in wav.

Standard sound does not work asynchronously. The libraries supporting it receive on input .wav. But this format takes up a lot of space, so I wrote an extension for decoding .ogg to .wav.
I tested the extension with OpenAL. It works great.

I seriously don’t know how this will work with sounds from the performance side. I did not notice problems with playing music.

This extension has proven to be very useful to me. For comparison, the file size without decoding and with it one song.
20.5 mb - > 1.9 mb

In my opinion this is a very good result.
For a smaller size, .wav was in mono

Platforms: windows, android


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Cool! Don’t forget to submit it to the Asset Portal!

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Thank you for reminding me. Sent