Debugging - symbol file rejected by Android IDE

Using Mac Laptop
Using Defold 1.4.3
Created a project out of defold-examples/examples at master · defold/defold-examples · GitHub
Local run on laptop works as expected including all examples
Bundled an Android APK , variant debug , Bundle format: APK
Deployed to S21 Ultra
App is working except for “camera” example - buttons not responding
Trying to debug the issue using Android IDE 2022.1.1 Patch 2
Android IDE rejecting the symbol so files generated by Defold IDE on

Unable to find any debuggable shared object files from the selection: - /XXX/armv7-android/Defold examples/Defold examples.apk.symbols/lib/armeabi-v7a/

Is this a known issue ?
How can I debug the application natively (the issue does not occur on html5 mode)

I doubt it is an actual problem with the native code. Have you checked the device log? It could be a Lua script problem.

Make sure you bundle by passing --with-symbols and --variant=debug to bob.jar.
That will enable the logging, and also output an unstripped version of the executable (i.e. the “symbols file”) into your build/arm64-android folder.

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java -jar …/bob.jar --platform=arm64-android --archive --bo build/arm64-android --variant=debug --with-symbols resolve distclean build bundle

Results in a working APK but again so file is rejected on

Unable to find debug symbols in file(s): - /XXXX/defold/defold-examples/examples/build/arm64-android/Defold examples/Defold examples.apk.symbols/lib/arm64-v8a/

in the build logs i see

Downloading symbols… 3% …done!

INFO: Copy debug symbols build/arm64-android/Defold examples/Defold examples.apk.symbols/lib/armeabi-v7a/
Mar 13, 2023 8:45:25 AM com.dynamo.bob.bundle.AndroidBundler log
INFO: Copy debug symbols build/arm64-android/Defold examples/Defold examples.apk.symbols/lib/arm64-v8a/

Does the file exist?
Does it contain debug symbols? (E.g. what’s the size of the .so file?)
Could it be that the path contains a space (" ")?

so file exist
No symbols
Path with space per the Defold example git structure … I did not change anything.

What is the size of this file?

File size 3.4 MB
Even when i removed the space the result remains the same
the --build-report-html produed the following summary
|Texture Compression:|Disabled|

Regarding the compression - I noted inthe IDE in the Bundle Android Application the Texture Compression is mentioned as Enabled but still inthe report it came out as Disabled

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It seems like something wrong with pre-built synbols on android. The simplest way to fix it for now is to build the project using an extender server.
You can do it by adding an appmanifest in game.project or using any native extension in your project.

We will take a look what’s wrong with pre-built symbols (here is a ticket to track it )

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Agreed, something has broken in the symbol download.
You can download the files manually:


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