Dawit & the Hidden Forest

Defold + Figma + Rive + MidJourney AI + ChatGPT AI


Day One and looking good. Good steady progress on the art direction and basic concept. Now things are about to get really messy. If you’re following this please leave any pieces of advice. I love advice/feedback/ideas. Creating things can get very lonely so let’s encourage each other okay?





I like the art, very beautiful.

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Really cool use of tech :slight_smile:

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Thnx for the support :slight_smile: I’ll be putting in 2 one hour sessions today as well around 2pm.

My goal is to continue building the scene in Defold so trying to read documentation to understand collection > objects > components.

I’ll also try and post some visuals on what game loop is and see if there are any ways I can continue making it more dynamic without overcomplicating the logic.


For example having the boss slowly leveling up over time. So the less effectively the Player navigates the map the stronger the boss becomes, maybe even enemies, might be fun for replayability.

Kind of like Risk of Rain 1 where you have to decide on how long you stay in a place and if it’s worth the time.

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Okay I found a great way to solve a crucial problem I’ve been having. Initially I was going to use the forming of a word like “Fire” to cast the fire spell. As good as that sounds there are even more problems it causes.

  1. The children will learn a limited amount of practical words because there won’t be thousands of abilities just a handful of practical ones; maybe 100 max. Conversely I want the Player to have hundreds if not thousands of words to explore and learn. This would be more useful and hopefully more fun.

  2. The words learned, if only abilities, wouldn’t be very practical in every day use; fire, thunder etc

The Solution
Make forming words the way the Player gains Stamina and Stamina is what is required to do just about anything. The bigger the word the more stamina gained :slight_smile: I’m very satisfied with this solution…for now lol


Last bit of consideration for the end game. Assuming everything will increase: letters available, items, abilities and even the size of monsters. The bottom feels like a better place for the UI.

Finally, the location Title will appear first then fade out. Then the letters will appear so that we can keep the Title in the same place :slight_smile:

I’ll also have to use some kind of glow to make sure the creatures are more visible and so the Player can appreciate the depth and form of each creature or it doesn’t look as interesting.


Started my Defold mentorship session and got a basic scene up and more importantly got it linked to a Github Repo so it’s protected with version control.

Also have a homework assignment to go through the learning content on: https://defold.com/examples

A second homework assingnment of creating a Game Design Brief where all the logic etc lives so that the scope and functionality is clear and be referenced throughout the build. This will help me have a clearer understanding of the game and hopefully stay as close as possible to the intended game design.

This post doesn’t have any juicy screenshots but it’s an important update.

For those following the story. The main lesson is: Never Eat Alone. Never Work Alone.


Note to self:

Need to add a shopkeeper scene where Player can make game altering decisions on how they’ll spend their gold. Which brings up currency. I think on enemy death some gold coins drop and travel to the Player.

This’ll add more drama as the Player will have to balance saving up for better abilities/items vs surviving.

I’ll rener the background Artwork from MidJourney to set the theme and overlay the items for selection.

layout complete


Finished Final Map

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My Mentor told me to create a Game Design Brief. Just finished the mvp. I’m sure some things might get added/removed but this represents the north star. Shouldn’t stray too far off from this script. Created it in Figma where all the Design assets are so it was funner to do :slight_smile:


Some great progress of the main battle scene. Also making the project Open Source with some stipulations like Defold. Regardless, I’ll finish the game but if I can do it with a ton of people I think it will look, sound and play as great as the greatest :slight_smile:

I even built a YouTube Channel to attract great talent from all over :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
Check out the First Video: Creating a game using Defold + Figma + Rive + ChatGPT + MidJourney and you're invited - YouTube


There’s perhaps one think that’s bothered me this whole time and that’s the location of the letters. When I pretend to play the final game it feels to be in the way if in the center and awkward if on the bottom left.

I believe I’ve solved it but if you have a better idea be sure to share. Sharing is caring.

Screen attached and here’s the 3min youtube video talking through it as well.