Dawit & the Hidden Forest

Good Progress today as well with getting the Player HP to decrease and multiple enemies to render. Tomorrow will probably be focused on Slash, Shield and Healt abilities to give our Hero a chance :slight_smile:

Getting into the habit of vlogging each day to feel the progress and review my work as well as sharing for other people’s benefit and entertainment.

Also got a Team of 3 so far :slight_smile: that’s progress :slight_smile:


Recorded yesterday as well but the video and audio wasn’t synced so had to re-record today. I think I finally have a good method and software for recording at the house as well as when I’m out but we’ll see lol

This one is about moving the Player to the Center.

Also, if you haven’t seen Ben James’ work you should def check it out: https://benjames171.itch.io/
In another episode I’ll talk about what idea his work has inspired in me.


Got the first click ability. Melee Slash. Use it sparingly because it’s a energy hog. Save it for when multiple enemies are attacking you.

I’ll reuse the same logic to create heal, shield and one projectile.
I’m going for 3 enemies by end of next week and then focusing on the core word matching functionality to manage energy.


A few shout outs to great resources I’m using to help me build the game and of course the people supporting me.


The last few days have been digging extremely deep into the core gameplay mechanic which left me still feeling a little empty. There was an idea that kept bothering and that was this idea of “What is the measure of skill”.

I mean how does one know that they’re getting much better at the game. What’s the core skill.

Forming words quickly; yes but I didn’t want that to be the driver. The gameplay should hold it’s own.

Choosing the correct ability; yes, singular damage vs splash, defense vs offense. This is all necessary but I wanted more.

After speaking to two Mentors I landed on this:

  1. Main weapon is a bow. There are weak spots on creatures that do double, even triple damage. Aiming can be a very very rewarding experience. THIS IS a skill that can scale well and keep the interest of Players so that they can measure their skill.

  2. Block & Parry creatures and projectiles. Blocking reduces damage, perfect block negates it, parrying negates and does damage. This again is about timing which is a perfect construct for improving skill. In this way the Player can grow their skill in the game in both timing and aiming.

The last one that I have to solve is position or movement. I don’t know if I even should add position or movement for the player or if I should keep him stationary. It’s very tempting because I don’t want to introduce too many inputs.

If anyone has any ideas please reply so I can add it to the brainstorming sessions. Sharing is caring :slight_smile:

Lastly, we onboarded Jose from Brazil who is working on the arrow functionality :slight_smile: Welcome Jose!



Vlogging about the core attack mechanic to keep the video habit and slowly improve it.


New creature :slight_smile:


Future feature. Insteading of killing forest creatures you’re purifying them from the venom like black parasite that is controlling them. When you purify them they show in your creature log. If you feed them well they can show up as allies during battle :slight_smile: