Darkmode for forum


So i recently found out that on other discourse forums you can turn on dark mode like this:

but it looks like defold forum doesn’t have such feature so yeah it wwould be nice if defold team added it



Though I am using Dark Mode extension for Opera and I can switch it on and off by one click next to address bar :smiley: So for me the forum looks like this:



The only problem for me is that i have opera installed but its exceptionally slow on my laptop so i just use it when i need VPN



I am sure other browsers should have such extensions as well :smiley: On my laptop Opera is just the fastest, better than Chrome imo :wink: It doesn’t change the fact, that if this is a discourse option, we could have it here :wink:

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Yeah. Dark mode on the forums would be cool. Especially if it follows the system dark mode like most of my other apps (and some websites). (The prefers-color-scheme CSS media query)



I’ve added a dark theme to Discourse:

The colors are matching the ones from the main Defold website, but may need tweaking in this context. The light and dark themes are on GitHub:



Awesome!!! Can we also get this? https://meta.discourse.org/t/automatic-dark-mode-color-scheme-switching/161593 (only if our Discourse is up to date and it’s easy, otherwise, no need to bother, this is already great)

Edit: Nevermind

:warning: This brand new feature relies on changes to how themes and color schemes interact. If your site uses a custom theme or unofficial plugins, it is most likely not compatible with automatic dark mode yet.

Edit2: Looks like the colors are defined in an about.json in our themes, not directly in SCSS, so idk, it might work?

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thanks very cool



We’re actually not up to date on Discourse versions. It’s on my list of things to do though. Once that’s done we can try this.