Ctrl-Z (undo) is it just me or does everyone get lost and over do it?

So I end up doing CTRL-Z a lot to undo stuff as I work in the IDE. However, if you change the script you’re working on it will undo stuff off tab and you have no idea how much you undid. And there is no CTRL-Y to redo (undo the undo).

Should Defold have a CTRL-Y feature? or at least move to the section of code that you just undid so you can see where you made impact?

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Redo is Shift+Ctrl+Z:


Yeah, this is one of the biggest reasons why I have stopped using the editor. I am now using VSCode and the only drawback is I need to focus back into the Defold editor for the changes to take effect. I remember messing up several times when I was trying to undo some changes and was completely lost. The second reason was not been able to collapse functions.

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It would be quite nice if undo&redo only changed the currently highlighted file, however it is no big deal.

Thank you.

I think the reason for undoing affects off tabs is that there’s only one history stack using for all stuff in the editor


If you set up bob.jar you don’t need to use the defold editor though you’d still need to use the editor to view collections, sprites, atlases, FX, etc.

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So many file types are text-based, I often find it easier to make changes to files in the same external editor I’m using to write scripts.

OH YES, it’s utterly confusing!! Every other editor I use sends you to the change you are doing, no matter where it is. But here you press CTRL-Z and who knows what’s changing!! Terrible. Damn, even neovim takes you to the line that changed when pressing u in a given buffer.

It’s getting better, with LUA LSP working by default now, but there’s still a ton of work here.