Create a very dynamic game


Hello people.

I am working on a game project and I’d love to use defold for it. The game has dynamic contents (like search results and the game play components like the task for each level, etc) which are gotten from a database. The database is populated by the admin, using (pdf or image) file contents what is uploaded by the user in a section of the game.
The game also has a payment gateway for subscription.
I want to know if it’s possible to achieve this using defold.
I’d appreciate any insight on this. Thank you.



Loading and using dynamic content could potentially be a bit difficult, but it depends a bit on how and from where the content is loaded. Defold has support for something we call Live Update which allows you to add/change/remove content without an app store update. Live Update could potentially be used for what you describe.

Defold has support for in-app purchases, including subscriptions.



Hello, thank you.

The data is currently being stored in an sql database and I have api endpoints for accessing them. Is this an appropriate way to store, and method to get the data?
How frequently can data/content be updated using the Live Update?
How about uploading files and game progress data to the database. How possible is this?



Well that completely depends on how often you need to modify the data. But I guess you know that already since you decided on using a database with an API.

I guess it should mostly be used on application start to check for updates or when the player makes process into new content.

Defold can make http requests so they’re really are no limits.



Excuse me, can I use long connect to server in Defold? eg. WebSocket or UDP.

I can’t find it from API Document. maybe i missing that.



Build-in socket:

You can use extension for websocket:

As far as I know there isn’t any udp solution yet. But you can build your own.