Crash when using a tilesource (50 tiles)

Hi ! I’m from France beginning my new journey, creating 2D games with Defold. I was able to begin a scrolling game including multi backgrounds parallax effect. I have multiple tilesource (GirlJumpingRight.tilesource, GirlRunningRight.tilesource, etc. GirlJumpingRight has 30 tiles and works perfectly. GirlRunningRight.tilesource has 50 tiles. They are made from the same material but GirlRunningRight.tilesource crashes the game at build stage mentioning Assertion failed: image->m_MipMapOffset.m_Count <= MAX_MIPMAP_COUNT, file ..\src\gamesys\resources\res_texture.cpp, line 129. I not as good as needed to understand what’s going on. I serchead but did not found any other mention of this issue. Did you ever experienced such problem ? Does my tilesource have too much tiles ? Thanks for your help.

I’m sorry to hear that you’ve run into a crash. Could you please create a bug report on GitHub and include a zip archive with a project where this crash happens. Thanks in advance!

Sure, I will. I’m updating with the last version and will try another time just to be sure it also happens with the last update.

You can find (my report here)[]