Crash on mac launched via editor


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I have got a crash on Mac while playing the game launched via the editor. This was totally unexpected to me, I don’t see any error report in the console (but the call stack). Nothing special was going on. Here is the crash dump file: (2.9 KB)

I am using: defos, fmod and playfab. But I would say I was not using them at all in the moment of the crash, also sfx and music were disabled.

Many many thanks for any help!


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The callstack (opening the _crash file in a text editor):

pc     0x30cd7d libxpc.dylib _sigtramp+29
# 1 pc     0x398fc3 dmengine ares__sortaddrinfo+643
# 2 pc     0x39b0bb dmengine end_hquery+75
# 3 pc     0x3a1843 dmengine qcallback+19
# 4 pc     0x3a0a3e dmengine end_query+270
# 5 pc     0x3a142d dmengine process_answer+1741
# 6 pc     0x39fc7f dmengine processfds+1775
# 7 pc     0x2a45e0 dmengine _ZN5dmDNS13GetHostByNameEPKcPN8dmSocket7AddressEPNS_7ChannelEibb+480
# 8 pc     0x25a1ae dmengine _ZN16dmConnectionPool6DoDialEPNS_14ConnectionPoolEPKctPN5dmDNS7ChannelEbiPjPN8dmSocket6ResultEbb+126
# 9 pc     0x25a8a1 dmengine _ZN16dmConnectionPool4DialEPNS_14ConnectionPoolEPKctPN5dmDNS7ChannelEbiPjPN8dmSocket6ResultE+193
#10 pc     0x2663a5 dmengine _ZN12dmHttpClient8Response7ConnectEPKctbi+165
#11 pc     0x266d1f dmengine _ZN12dmHttpClientL9DoRequestEPNS_6ClientEPKcS3_+255
#12 pc     0x1acad3 dmengine _ZN13dmHttpService13HandleRequestEPNS_6WorkerEPKN9dmMessage3URLEPN9dmHttpDDF11HttpRequestE+659
#13 pc     0x1acd0f dmengine _ZN13dmHttpService8DispatchEPN9dmMessage7MessageEPv+63
#14 pc     0x27c89c dmengine _ZN9dmMessage16InternalDispatchEyPFvPNS_7MessageEPvES2_b+652
#15 pc     0x1acec8 dmengine _ZN13dmHttpService4LoopEPv+72
#16 pc     0x289e3c dmengine _ZN8dmThreadL16ThreadStartProxyEPv+28
#17 pc     0x2c8950 libxpc.dylib _pthread_start+224

The callstack looks ok (valid), so I trust it.

The issue is http request related (the dmHttpService::HandleRequest).
Since http requests work most of the time, I think something more special occurred, like the request timed out.

In the 1.2.181 BETA we fixed a number of issues related to the http.requests, and I think #5672 might fix this issue.

On a related note, we’re also considering removing the cares library altogether, but that won’t happen until the 1.2.182 at the earliest)



@jcash Thank you so much for the interpretation of the call stack and the crash!

Indeed, now that you pointed me in the right direction, I was uploading some big files while the crash happened. So the internet was slow (not the best speed here) and probably the playfab player login timed out.

I hope that #5672 may fix this as you think. Otherwise I have to prevent the timeout event (how?) if the internet connection of a player is slow or there is no connection at all.

Thanks again!


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You can test using the beta build found here:

Note that there is a file format change in there,.So, to make it easier, make sure you already have your data checked in before using the latest editor with your project. That way it will be easy to revert those fileformat changes after testing.

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Thanks! But I am not in a hurry about this:

  1. the leaderboard (hence playfab) is disabled in the first release for Switch, just to simplify our life with submission to Nintendo; we will make an update later with the leaderboard

  2. the PC / mobile releases will be after the Switch release.