Copy Paste Native Text and Images

I have 2 new requests/questions that i would need for my app.

  1. Is it possible in some way to bring up the native copy/paste text on a dirtylarry input field? I have looked at the clipboard extension and i could use that, but the native one would be better that people are used to use in apps

  2. Also would it be possible to choose pictures from local native picture library and add a picture instead of using the camera and take a picture.

You’ll probably need a more advanced native extension which supports it. Someone could make it eventually / you could sponsor someone to make one.

Another native extension feature. I’m not sure if either are already available out there but both would be good to have for iOS/Android. Def-Diags only works on desktop. Maybe @AGulev knows if there is one already?

Yes it feels like 2 really good extensions to have/support for the Defold engine/editor