Copy and Paste to and from clipboard (DEF-2070)


I need this mainly so users can copy and paste long strings of text to use as secret keys for authentication such as “PTsky0EITXT8agihiKu3FiPZ9pjAmKDjqGVvF4iQ”

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Created a ticket: DEF-2070

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Sorry to drag DEF-2070 out from the depths of the backlog, but just to see if it’s on the horizon? This would be useful to copy and share unique item IDs for a game I’m building.



Have you tried ?



Amazing. I was going to have to look for something like that in a few hours.

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I hadn’t, thanks for the pointer! Works a charm. :partying_face:

@britzl could this work with HTML5?

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Maybe. It’s another security thing that needs to be circumvented though. It might be doable.

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That would be awesome!



The code for copying to clipboard is basically this:

But I think the code has to be triggered from a javascript event which complicates things.

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Defos has a defos.on_click() that lets you run a callback from the onclick JS event.