Control character by JS

Hey! Can I control the charactery by a JS script? And if so, can please someone show me how

I don’t think JS is an option currently. This TypeScript project was made available recently however:

So there is no problem to do this?

I didn’t realise but apparently JS is a subset of TS, so I guess you can do it!

I think the TS toolkit is brand new and I’ve never used it so I can’t tell you if there are problems or not.

You can use this extension to send messages to Defold from JS:


@Erik_Andershed if you are looking for a game engine where the primary language is JavaScript then no, Defold is not this game engine. Defold uses Lua.

BUT you can use other languages such as TypeScript, Haxe or Fennel with a little bit of extra setup.


Even it could be done, but use Lua only will be much benefit for your Defold project, focus on content rather than making the tech stack much complicate.