Console support: Xbox One and Nintendo Switch


I know there was topic like this before but last topic I read was from year 2017 and 2018. So I’d like to ask there are some changes and support for Xbox One and maybe for Nintendo Switch will be add to Defold.

It would be great at least support for Xbox One. I plan support consoles for my future game and from other threads I see this is required feature :]

Will be official support for console in near future?



We have previously not wanted to spend the time and effort it takes to port to console since the return on the time spent has been uncertain. Desktop, mobile and web are far more accessible to developers and all it takes to publish a game is to pay a small fee to Apple, Google, Steam etc. Console is very different. You as a developer need to be approved by Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo. There’s probably more mobile games released per day than the total number of games released per year on console.

With that said we have since pivoted somewhat and in last years roadmap we mentioned that we have started to actively look at console support. This work has continued throughout last year, but I can’t say more.

The day we support one or more consoles in Defold your game will work more or less out of the box. Defold is cross platform and you should not have to spend much time working on the platform specific stuff. That is taken care of by us. Focus on the game and let us know when you have been approved as an Xbox, PlayStation or Nintendo developer.




It’s great news, thank you :slight_smile: