Complementing go.animate in the editor


I’m going to put this here for visibility.
Is it in your plans to add a timeline feature to the editor to complement go.animate?
As an animator, I would love to be able to generate nice simple movements on transforms or properties without having to rely on 3rd party software.
The use cases would be UI animation or even simple characters. There’s a lot you can do by animating a hierarchy of go, before having to resort to Spine.

A quick look at what other engines are doing:

Isn’t this the most requested features from artists at King? :wink:



I agree. An integrated timeline would be brilliant, especially for UI work.



Also very useful for making cutscenes.



++1 :grin:

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+1 :smiley: even more, something like editable Curves in Particles FX Editor would be great!

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