Clickable links in Console Error messages (SOLVED)


I think it could be very useful to have clickable links in Debug and Error informations in Defold Console, that open directly a pointed script or collection, etc. It would speed up development process :wink:


That would be very useful indeed! It’s good to make these kind of feature request on GitHub as well so they can be tracked:

For your convenience I have created the issue :slight_smile: :


I’m not entirely sure what you are looking for here.
Build errors are already clickable links, I’m assuming you don’t mean that?


I mean ERROR:SCRIPT: in Defold Console after build in runtime


Just to let you know, with latest update there are clickable links in ERROR:SCRIPT! Thank you very much! :star_struck: Moreover, it even focus on the pointed line! :scream:



Ah, I realized something looked different, but didn’t realize I could click those. Very cool indeed!


Yes, we finally got around to implementing this oft-requested feature.

Basically we scan the console output for file paths that are present in the project, so you’ll also get a clickable link if you print a path to the console. Might be useful if you have custom configuration files for your game.

It should work with non-text resource paths too!