Civilization Path


Hi, everybody! I want to show you one interesting project.
Civilization Path is a turn-based strategy game where you can lead one of many countries.


  • Europe
  • Eurasia

7 scenarios with unique countries, technologies and political institutions:
Millennium - is a standard game since 1000
Fall of Constantinople - begins after the victory of the Ottoman Empire over the Byzantine
World War I - you have to master tanks and aircraft, so as not to lose
World War II - You have to win in the largest war in the history of mankind
The modern world - is a scenario where the player has access to technologies of the near future
Consequences - the temperature on the entire planet begins to skyrocket. You have to find a way to reverse this process, otherwise all of humanity will die
Anarchy - the civilized world has fallen, now each province is for itself. You have to build a new civilization. Not yet ready, finalizing :frowning:

You can study technology, choose the political form of the state, create alliances, recruit and move the army.

Plans for near future:

  1. Add Anarchy. It was added to the test version in August. Currently working, but no suitable policies and technologies added.
  2. Add music. I really want to make audio a great addition to the game. Music will depend on: scenario, danger, technology, achievement.
  3. Design. Something needs to be done with the design. I am not an artist, but I will try to do something.

Possible plans, but most likely never realized:

  1. Add support for google play games. Considering that when updating using the play market, all data is saved, this is not so necessary.
  2. Multiplayer. I think this can be added to the game, but too much work.
  3. Armies of different civilizations in one province. Need to rewrite a lot of code :frowning:

Languages: English, Russian.

Thanks to the developers of the following extensions:
Orthographic camera
Without them, the game would have looked much worse.

Any comments / questions / suggestions you can write:

The VK group also publishes descriptions of scenarios, maps, and various interesting things.

Download Full:
Download Lite:




Wow, impressive! I haven’t heard of this project before. When did your start development?



December 29 or 30. The development went on for a long time, because it could only allow in my free time



Looks really impressive! I posted it in a few reddit communities for android gaming and grand strategy, hopefully you get some sales!



Thank you so much

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Some more screens



A bit about AI. AI, in addition to simple actions, can start a strategy (reduce the army in order to save more money and later hire an even larger army), send insults (1 turn before the war) and offer ultimatums.

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26 promotional codes to get the game for free. 23.10.2019 - 29.10.2019

Promotional Codes


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I snagged this code. Of course I did it before I notice the game was only a dollar, which is super cheap! I would have payed that if I knew before hand :laughing:

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If you are interested in developing this further I really recommend you pay for an artist to make some improved assets / work on polishing some things like the text/general UI. Also make sure you own the .com of your game name at the very least.



Hi, everybody! I want to report several events.

  1. Now game has a website I really like the site, but it could not be otherwise, because I sketched it myself, it’s really easy :slight_smile:
  2. Free version released! Link in topic post.
  3. A small update to the game version 1.0.1 released. Changes are visible in google play


Great! :wink: Your game really reminds me Łukasz Jakowski’s Age of Civilizations or greatest Europa Universalis - consider it a great feedback, I really like those games! :smiley: I’ll try to report you bugs and ideas as soon as I’ll have some :wink: Website, however, needs some polish and I can tell you right now, that imo you could change the first background - the first impression is important and I didn’t know I’m on the game’s page until I scrolled - even a map with conquered territories and arrows indicating expansion would be great! You could also show both maps below :wink:

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Thank you, I will take this into account. Age of civilizations is one of my favorite games, but in it and many others on the android something was missing for me. I tried to translate in my game,to bring something new. I hope I succeeded.

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Version 1.0.2
Fixed: bug with army increase due to attack bonuses
Fixed: poor quality of army, temperature and army fonts in movement lines
Add:At the end of the game, special windows were added: “Overview” and “Graph”

Fonts are made better by increasing font size and scaling 0.5
I just now realized that the same can be done with textures created in drawpixels. The lines after that should be better. I will definitely try this



Version 1.0.3
Fixed: Improved lines in politics and technology
Fixed: Now flags are required. Previously, you could turn them off in the settings, from this update they are always on
Added: Trade. Now you can trade with bots.
Added: AI analyzes trade and, if it does not suit him, offers its options.
New language added: Polish. Translation is 70-80% complete. The whole game has been translated, but 2 or 3 scenarios remain, they are in English.

Updated site. After almost a month, I finally did it :slight_smile:

Now the game has a trailer. The video plays on the background of the site. But I’ll also drop a link to it here.

Updated plans.

Also, in this or the next I will do something with the lines of the graph, otherwise they look bad.
And something needs to be done with the graph, since on non-standard screens (not 16: 9) a certain step is incorrectly selected, and closer to the edge are selected those closer to the center. I think this is due to the fact that the graph is not stretched




Textures in technology. The textures created in drawpixels were improved by doubling the size of the texture and setting the scale to 0.5

Before and after



Version 1.0.4

Several corrections have occurred and a slight rebalance has occurred. Added music!
I really love a good soundtrack and therefore did everything so that it was so in my game.
There are 27 music files in the game, this could take up a huge disk space. With the help of the forum, I wrote my own extension and I hope that it will be useful to someone.

Also many thanks @sergey.lerg for the wonderful OpenAL extension.

The role of music in the game

The main goal of music is to create an atmosphere and anticipate events.
Music depends on:

  1. Scenario. You can hear Danse macabre in the scenario of the Fall of Constantinople. Second coming - no percussion in the second world war. And modern tracks in Modern World and Consequences.
  2. War. Military music begins if you or someone declared war on you. And also sometimes it begins to play, if war is soon declared. It is really useful, as it lets the player know that the AI is ready for battle. With certain conditions, of course
  3. The end of the game. Depends on victory or defeat
  4. Other special important gaming events


I know im boring butt i cant use password for full version could you fix problem with tehnology in lite version (when i click on tehnology it kicks me out



Yes, I’m building a version right now. crashes on some phones if the buffer is too large (it can be seen above that I did this to improve the quality). It canceled and received such artifacts.

I’m trying to fix it now.



Promotion codes for paid until March:

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