Chromacell - sideways scrolling shmup

After the modest success of Tameshi, I decided to specialise in the shmup genre for a while longer, this time with a horizontal scroller.

Chromacell is cast from a similar mould to R-Type, Gradius, Hydorah and Darius. A wide variety of enemy comes at the the player over various worlds and stages. The player has a range of weaponry to collect and use.

It’s still early days and only the basics are up and running. I’ll be updating this diary from time to time during development. The game will hopefully be ready late Q3 this year. Targetting PC and Switch.


I’m enjoying Tameshi a lot! It’s pure fun :heartpulse:

Wishing you all the best with it! :wink:


There is a bare-bones Steam page up for Chromacell! Teaser trailer and screenshots are viewable, as is a basic description of the game. The goal of publishing this early is to gather more wishlists in the long run. The page will be updated periodically when I have more stuff to share.

Please wishlist if you can! Thanks.


A single stage demo is now up on itch. Play in browser or grab the Windows build!

Let me know what you think. The same demo will be out on Steam in a few days.


Great game! A lot of fun! Excellent work as usual, Ben!

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