Child game object out of sync with parent (SOLVED)

I am making a laser! The body of the laser is a 10x10 sprite that I stretch in order to create a desired length. Then I wish to add a cap to the end of this laser ray, which is another 10x10 sprite which is not scaled. I have managed to child this cap to the body of the laser - necessary because the laser moves and rotates.

The result is quite jittery though, as if the transform of the child is updated at a lag to the parent.

Is this expected? What can be done to resolve it if so? Or am I likely to have done something wrong?

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Answered my own question. It’s because I had subpixels disabled in game.project. Suspect it’s not possible to achieve with that setting, since you’re not supposed to be madly scaling and rotating proper pixel art.


both of these videos look fine to me to be honest, the jittering is very light sabre esque.

I’ve been playing a lot with using tilemaps cut into 2 pixel sections for this kind of effect.

Here, I’m animating the x position and tint of white pixels (Around 55 pixels per tentacle).

edit: had to scale the video down to fit it on here, hence the low bit rate.


That looks great!

I am usually quite tolerant of rough edges, I think “good enough” is a mantra that is helping me ship games. However, even I thought it looked unacceptable, so I have to conclude that my first video just didn’t capture just how bad it was.

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