Change playback mode of a gui flipbook

how do I change playback mode of a gui flipbook by script?

I’m surprised it isn’t part of this function.

You can have multiple animations in the atlas that have different playback types.

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I created an issue with a feature request for this:

Give it a thumb up, if you’d like something like this :+1:

By now, as @Pkeod mentioned - you can create animations with desired playback modes and trigger them when you need a change. Though, this might appear as refiring the animation, so it depends on your use case.

EDIT: there is another workaround - use gui.animate() (or go.animate())

Example usage (though for sprite component in game object):

EDIT2: Nah, unfortunately for gui, the cursor property is not exposed :confused: So maybe exposing cursor property for flipbook animation for gui nodes is an option for a feature request? What do you think @Mathias_Westerdahl ?

So sorry, @Guilherme_Mauricio_D, for now the only possibility seems to be with making few animations with your desired playback modes :confused: What do you need it for? Maybe we could figure out something better?