Change HTML5 Splash Image at Runtime

Hello All,

I’m trying to understand the mustache templating that is used when generating the index.html file to find a way to change the Splash Image as needed in different situations.

For example on a particular site I want a different Splash Image to on a different site, ideally this can be done without recompiling.

Each of the sites use Node.js and Pug templates, as such I always convert the index.html file into pug already. Is there a way to use a .html shell option which has a pug variable inserted into it so that once it’s converted to pug, and run on the server I can just render it with a different environment variable value to change the splash image?

Would it make more sense to pull in different images with the same name at different locations?


So you want some runtime check of which site you are running on and then load different images? Can’t you do that via JavaScript?