Centre a GUI node when Adjust Reference is disabled [solved]


I’m having a little trouble with a 3D Gui scene I’ve created (can’t build it with GOs as I was getting some blurring, works better with nodes)

It should look like this:

But it looks like this when I resize the screen:

I’ve figured out that if I turn off “adjust reference” I can get the effect that I want, but then I can’t centre the GUI nodes as before. How do I centre a GUI node when adjust reference is disabled so that it’s in the centre of the screen?

got it!


self.x, self.y = window.get_size()

to get the window x and y.

Blurring with go’s? Hm has the materials linear filtering?

To be specific: the box in the image rotoatea around the Y axis. when the rotation was at 90° (i.e. should be invisible to the player), some strange blurred lines, the same colour as the sprites, would appear above and below the sprites.

I don’t know what material I am using, sorry. The problem is solved now anyway (and I, luckily, have not yet had to spend too much time looking at materials, etc.)

…okay next question: I am rotating some GUI box nodes by 1 degree on the Z axis and getting this:

Screenshot 2022-09-17 at 01.18.27

look at the pixelisation on the black outlines. There are actually three box nodes: a white one and two black ones.

What setting do i need to turn off/on to avoid this pixelisation? I am not scaling anything and the image is not zoomed in.

Those are just colored box nodes with no texture? The edges will always be sharp, since it’s the edge of the mesh. You can try using a flat square texture with a 1px border around it, so the edges will be anti-aliased.

Thanks. That’s a good tip for getting the anti aliasing on.