Can't get input from axis 0 or axis 1 on gamepad


I’m using to text my Player X PCB from Pimoroni, which is a make-your-own gamepad. The joystick inputs, which correspond to axis 0 and 1 on that website, don’t appear to have any input in Defold. The rest of the buttons work fine. Can anyone tell me how to read that input? Thank you.

here’s my current set up.

Every button successfully prints except those corresponding with axis 0 and 1 on the website, where the value jumps from 1 to -1 (nb, although this output would traditionally be a joystick, on the PCB I am using, they are binary switches).

Have you tried adding a gamepad binding for raw gamepad input and checked the content of the action table in that case? The action table will contain information about all buttons, axis and hats on any connected gamepad.


Got it! Thanks. I hadn’t read the console properly because the raw input is soooo long, but it was right there.

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