Can't find hero.json for Runner tutorial (SOLVED)

I’m trying the Runner tutorial (Endless runner tutorial) and at the point where I’ll build the characters the tutorial mentioned a hero.json file for spine scene. It states the file is in, but no… Where I can find this file?

P.s.: Pretty noob at Defold, so sorry if it is a dumb question.


Found it.
In case anyone is interested, get here:

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Thanks. Unfortunately I get an error when I try to use it:

Render error:
hero.spinescene: Couldn’t read spinejson file /hero/hero.json: Couldn’t read data from /hero/hero.json

I’ve updated the Tutorial text and the Tutorial project itself to use the new Spine extension.


WOW man, I thought no one would bother to find a solution for that but here you go, I was very wrong.

Thank you.

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