Can't access functions from module

Hello, I have a player script containing: require “assets.scripts.gamePhysics”, however, when I try to use, the error “attempt to index global ‘gamePhysics’ (a nil value)” pops up, i have no idea why gamePhysics is nil.

inside gamePhysics.lua there is only a function pr that does print(1)

How do you require it?


local gamePhysics = require "assets.scripts.gamePhysics"
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Thank you for your reply, I tried saving it to a local variable and use gamePhysics.collide(), another error pops up: “attempt to index upvalue ‘gamePhysics’ (a boolean value)” how is gamePhysics a boolean???

I initially used

require "assets.scripts.gamePhysics"

chnged it to

local gamePhysics = require "assets.scripts.gamePhysics"

and the error above^^ showed up

What do you return from the gamePhysics script?

nothing, just

function pr()

Try doing:

local M = {}


return M
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I’ll try that

Thank you, that worked, if you have time can you please briefly explain why I need to do that? Thx.

In short require returns the value you return at the module’s global scope. If there is nothing, it seems it returns a bool.
I didn’t find anything in the official Lua documentation (anyone?) though.

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Lua 5.1 Reference Manual: require

@sodaJar There’s nothing special about code inside of a module. Nothing secret is going on behind the scenes. When you ‘require()’ a file, it runs the code in that file and returns what the file returns (or ‘true’ if it returns nothing). If you return a table, you get a table. If you return a function, you get a function. If you return ‘5’, then that’s what you get, or ‘vmath.vector3(-23, 45.03, -1)’—what you return is exactly what you’ll get.

What this does:

function pr()

Is define a global function named ‘pr’. It doesn’t put it in a table for you, it just defines it in the global scope (as it would in any .script or .gui_script file as well).

It’s just a convention that lua files usually return a table of functions and values. But that’s something that the author does on purpose, it doesn’t get done for you automatically.


Thanks a lot