Can you rigidly connect two collision objects?


I’m messing around with this game idea that is inspired by those climbing/jumping games (Getting Over It, Jump King, etc).

My idea for the character is to have a circular body collision object that is super bouncy and has little to no friction, and a box collision object as the bottom that has no bounce and insane amounts of friction.

The idea is that you can bounce off walls but when you land you are pretty much stuck there until you jump again (jumping is the only way you can move).

The problem I’m facing is that when you put two collision objects within a game object, they separate from each other. If I apply a force to one of them, it will leave the other one behind. Also, my sprite seems to pick one of them to follow.

Is there a way to rigidly connect the two collision objects exactly where I have them in the editor?

As a bonus query. I really want to make a multiplayer game out of this idea. Is it viable to be using physics for this with that in mind, or should I really just be trying to do this all with kinematic objects?



Perhaps you could connect them using a joint?

I think it would be easier to do using kinematic objects.



I think you 100% needs kinematic objects as Britzl said. Otherwise you’re going to be reinventing the wheel.

I don’t use collision objects often, so maybe I am being naive here, but do you need a joint? Can’t you just put the two collision objects into the same game object?

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Thanks for the responses. I’ll probably end up just using Kinematic then, it’s probably better for the future in case I realize there’s something that I can’t do with dynamic.

I was looking into joints, and what it looks like I would need is a weld joint, but I couldn’t find any support in the documentation for that.

And also putting them in the same game object doesn’t work. The sprite ends up picking one of them to follow and when you move it will leave the other one behind.



I believe you need a restricted hinge joint. Look here and here.