Can the official provide some common components

Can the official provide some common components, such as button, edit box, progress bar, scrollview and so on, Although I can implement these components by myself or use other people’s open source components, I don’t think it’s beautiful to do that things.

The engine was created with the ability to develop the missing modules and functions for it. If they are needed, you simply add them (write your own or use existing ones). Why do you think using libraries written by developers is “bad”?
Some of the libraries are written by the engine developer, if you want to use them, then look at the authors.


In my own experience it is a very slippery slope to provide an official set of high level UI components, integrated into the engine since it will

a) add a lot to the size of the engine
b) and require a huge amount of effort to maintain
c) and not be perfect for everyone (and thus require modifications and workarounds to bend into shape)

It is our philosophy to provide a set of low level building blocks that can be combined into high level things such as a full UI component system.

You can see one such example in the Druid project:

It’s created by @Insality and several other very experienced Defold developers and I believe it is used in production in shipped games on multiple platforms.

Other alternatives are:

  • Gooey (by me) - A bit more bare bones but has the most important components.
  • Dear ImGUI - A wrapper for the extremely popular immediate mode Dear ImGUI. It should probably mainly be used for debug, config and other tooling, but I guess it could also be used as the main UI for a game.