Can I use defold with Ink?


As the title says, can I use defold with Ink to create a text adventure game?



It looks like Ink just outputs JSON files, in which case yes, you can. However, it seems like no one has written a Lua runtime yet to interpret those JSON files, so you would have to write your own.

These articles might be helpful if you are interested in doing this:

If you’re not dead set on using Ink, you might take a look at DEFORK - easily create interactive, nonlinear stories, dialogs, conversations, which uses Twine? I’m not sure how the feature set compares.



Thanks for recommending it, @ross.grams :smiley: I’m working on version 2.0 of Defork and I was thinking about adding integration for other tools, but Ink has some really weird JSON output that is not so easily parsed. I might take a look at it again. But for now, if you would like to start with Twine - it’s just so easy to create there stories and parse it to Defold, so I’m recommending it too :smiley: There is everything explained on Defork community page, but if there will be the interest of the users, I could prepare a kick-off tutorial too :wink:



thank you so much guys for responding, I’ll look into Twine



A, and there is an example project of course, to download or pull from github:



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