Can I Use Bob To Call The Test Window?

Hi everyone .
Can I use Bob or the command line to call the “Test window” , that is open with ctrl + B ?

Here is my use case :
I love Defold , but I just prefer coding in an IDE , IntelliJ to be precise , with lua extensions .
I want to be able to use the terminal to open the Test window, so I can play the game without actually opening Defold app, all from my IDE .

I hope my question is clear enough, I am happy to clarify more if need be.

You can use bob to do most of the things you can do from within the editor. What you want to do is to use the bundle command in bob to create an application bundle and then launch that from your IDE. This gives you something that is similar to ctrl+b in the editor.

An alternative approach is to use the build command in bob to build all files and then run the engine executable (dmengine.exe) from the root of your project.

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Thanks for your response.
What’s the equivalent for your approach on Linux. I am on Linux

The Jenkinsfile I wrote does it in two commands:
‘java -jar bob.jar resolve distclean’
‘java -jar bob.jar --variant debug --archive -p js-web build bundle’

You can combine it into one, I just found that the resolve one didn’t always work, but that might be fixed now.

I don’t think you will need the ‘bundle’ word, since you aren’t looking to make the bundle just yet, and therefore won’t need “-p js-web” as that just tells Bob to build a HTML5 bundle of the game. Also, you probably won’t want the “distclean’” or “clean” commands since you need the build files for what you are running.

This means I think your command would be:
‘java -jar bob.jar --variant debug --archive resolve build’. Followed by running the dmengine file that gets created within the resulting build

You need to cd to the folder that has your game.project file, I found the -i (–input) flag didn’t work, but that might have been fixed already.

If that doesn’t work go through the Bob manual (Defold project builder manual).

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Thank you !