Can Defold do drag and drop from the Assets to a scene?


from all tourtorials i watched i seen that you need to import in the collection assets to have multiple of them so this is a noob problem but can defold do drag and drop in level editor like this:ggif



The Defold editor cannot do this, it’s something that would be a great contribution if someone were motivated to make it possible to drag and drop various assets into various panels.

You can make an editor within Defold’s engine that could support drag and drop for making levels. For our games, we make in engine editors like this, custom editors are very necessary to big projects.



Indeed, this would be a fantastic improvement!

Once I have something added to a scene and I need another copy I select it in the scene and copy paste a new version and move it to where I want it.



Something where you could hold control to drag and duplicate would be a huge usability improvement. Maybe I’ll look into trying to add that if you don’t think it would be too difficult. I need an easy improvement to work on so I can start contributing more, as much as I’d like custom physics shapes.

EDIT: @britzl I started looking into this, but when I rebuild the editor (engine buids fine) I’m getting stuck on a protobuf command:

protoc -I. --java_out=S:\defold_github2\editor\target\protosrc -IS:\defold_github2\editor\target\proto -IS:\defold_github2\editor\..\engine\gamesys\proto -IS:\defold_github2\editor\..\engine\gameobject\proto -IS:\defold_github2\editor\..\engine\gamesys\proto -IS:\defold_github2\editor\..\engine\ddf\src -IS:\defold_github2\editor\..\engine\script\src -IS:\defold_github2\tmp\dynamo_home\ext\include atlas_ddf.proto buffer_ddf.proto camera_ddf.proto gamesys_ddf.proto gui_ddf.proto label_ddf.proto mesh_ddf.proto model_ddf.proto physics_ddf.proto sound_ddf.proto spine_ddf.proto sprite_ddf.proto texture_set_ddf.proto tile_ddf.proto
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