Camera Extension - Internal server error (SOLVED)


I am trying to bundle the the example project for the camera extension for ios but I am getting “Internal server error” int ext.manifest. all the provisioning is correct. Im not sure what Im missing and a search didn’t yield any results that have helped me. Im using editor 2.

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Which camera extension is that? RenderCam?


Thank you for the reply. Its called “Defold’s Camera Extension” in the asset portal.

Thank you


Ah, ok, the native camera extension. Are you using the master branch of the extension? I managed to bundle to iOS just fine. Do you have any other extensions in the project? Can you bundle the app without the extension?


No other extensions are used. I was able to bundle an empty project. I was able to get it to work but I had to start from an empty project and recreate the example from github. So now i just need to give it permission to use the camera because of the IOS privacy and fix a scaling issue. But thats not a big deal. Thank for the help.