Camera borders view in scene editor (SOLVED)


is there any way in defold to show the camera borders in scene editor to know where to place objects and to know the ones that are going to be projected to screne .


No, not really. The space that will actually be rendered totally depends on your render script and project settings. Defold doesn’t have camera objects that control all that stuff, like in Unity or a 3D program. It’s mostly determined by scripts at runtime.

There is a small trick that may help you though. If you create a GUI component, the editor will show a white box that is sized to the display resolution you set in your game.project file. It doesn’t actually have anything to do with your camera, but maybe it will be useful to you as a guide. GUIs don’t inherit transforms from Game Objects (despite what the editor shows you), so you can move this around wherever you like and it won’t affect your game.

It’s important to note that if you change the view or projection matrices in your render script, this box won’t be accurate at all.


Thanks for your answer.

I’m actually new to defold that’s why I’m getting confused with this, because I’ve seen the gui white box and I thought that it’s also available on the scene view or collection view, whatever it’s called in defold. Hopefully they would add it to the new defold release, because its really helpful for making portrait games where you align obstacles in edges of the screen, or at least to have an idea of where things you put in level are.


You can see it in the collection view if you have a GUI in the collection.

You can make an empty GUI and put it in your collection temporarily for editing purposes if you want.


I appreciate your help. Thanks.


I was about to make a feature request for this yesterday.

It indeed would be really helpful, having a representation of the resolution set in game.project.