Bundle Error (SOLVED)

I am having a problem trying to bundle my application. It works just fine when building it, but when bundling I get
“Conflicting output resource ‘build/default/units/sprites/solvalou/solvalou.texturec’ generated by the following input files: [units/sprites/solvalou/solvalou.png, builtins/graphics/default.texture_profiles] <-> [units/sprites/solvalou/solvalou.atlas, units/sprites/solvalou/solvalou.png, builtins/graphics/default.texture_profiles]”

Does anyone have any idea what’s wrong?

Also I use Windows 10 and I don’t know what Defold version I’m using I just know I’m using the latest version from Steam.

units/sprites/solvalou/solvalou.atlas, units/sprites/solvalou/solvalou.png

Rename the .atlas to be different from the .png.

That worked! Thank you very much!

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