Build size. Auto Stripping or manual configuration


The really cool thing about Native Extensions is what it promises to do with build size in future builds. Our plan is to make Bullet, Box2d and Facebook into public extensions that can be excluded if they’re not used by your game. This will have a significant impact on build size and it’s going to be really exciting to see how low we can go!


Dreams comes true :upside_down:
And then we will able to mark this topic as solved =)

UPD: topic updated with Defold 1.2.100 data
UPD_1: topic updated with Defold 1.2.102 data
UPD_2: topic updated with Defold 1.2.112 data


Is there an ETA on the auto stripping or similar implementation?


it’s already done! You can remove unused modules using App Manifest
More info here

Or here (rus):


Did you see last changes on Google Play?
Looks like Google consider build size one of the most important info about an app.


I’ve made the new release .apk today and noticed that build size rised by a Megabyte from my last .apk. There are no new resources, app manifest, etc, the same project with small texts changing.

See on screenshot:

Hmm ???

Huge size of android build (SOLVED)

It seems that it happened in version 1.2.136

Maybe something of these changes:


Yes, unfortunately, in order to be backwards compatible, we needed to update the java packages. And since google stopped supporting a ready made android-support-v4.jar, we had to create one ourselves.
It’s a tedious process, and we’d very much like to get back to it and perhaps use Proguard (if that helps in this scenario) to remove redundant classes.