Box2d update


Hey everyone,

is there any plan to have an updated Box2d with all the things currently missing like joints, etc?
I think this is one area where Defold is really lacking atm.


I believe @Mathias_Westerdahl has some plans to perhaps one type of joint (rope or spring?). I heard him discuss that earlier today. It would in that case be a code-only implementation to start with without editor support. But it was only a casual discussion and nothing decided yet.

Agreed. This and improved tilemaps.


There is a bug where the tile seams (where two tiles meet) give the incorrect collision response. See this thread. I’m guessing this is a Box2D bug, but maybe it could be fixed by improving the tilemap > Box2D fixture conversion (so there are less/no seams)?


@Mathias_Westerdahl knows more about how this works and can give feedback