Bob's parameters. Darc archive (SOLVED)


Hi. I’m new in defold developing and in game development at all. Reading about bob tool and its commands. Have a couple of questions. What does mean archive (.darc) file? What should it contain and can we influence what’s inside. It’s so little info about it. Also, what’s different between --input and --root. As I understand -root is just about a name of root folder in the build. What is the main purpose of main root name?

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The .darc file is our internal format where we pack the game content. It consists of a table of contents, and the resources.

Generally, you don’t need to think much about it, however, there is a way to add custom resources to it, and a way to load these (as a Lua string)


Input should be the folder of the game.project.
Build directory is created like so: FilenameUtils.concat(rootDirectory, buildDirectory)



Thank you. It’s much clearer now!