Black screen in browser (SOLVED)

Hello, guys. My project don’t work in browser, just black screen. Other projects work perfectly. Is there any tricks or rules or something that can help me?

How do you test it in the browser? Project -> Build HTML and Launch? Or do you bundle and upload or run against a local webserver? If you open the developer console of your browser does that give you a clue?

The same for me.
Works great on MacOS at home but a black screen in Chrome at work :frowning:
Can be found here

works in Microsoft Edge an Internet Explorer in Windows and in Safari on MacOs​
black screen in Chrome :(​

may be I choose incorrect type on or it’s a compilation problem?
may be the root cause that I make bundle on MacOS where Chrome doesn’t support such type of web content?

I think I have seen those kind of errors in WebGL/HTML5-builds when there is some shader constant/uniform trying to be set but not used in the GLSL source.

Do you get the same error if you try the “Build HTML and Launch” option?

Would you mind adding me to the project so I could take a look at it;

In firefox in logs i see Error: WebGL warning: linkProgram: Uniform light is not linkable between attached shaders.
I think have same problem,sometimes ago. Look in your shader. Chect that you have same precision for vertex and fragmet program in material
Should have same precision (mediump or lowp.)

uniform mediump vec4 light;
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Thank you all for replies - I’ll try it in the evening

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I had 2 crashes yesterday when tried to synchronized project… so now my project seems to be out of repository(

After several retries I beat the problem. Thank you all for words about light and shaders and running HTML.
My solution was: in project settings set default render.script: /builtins/render/default.render_script
rebuild several times
build HTML5
bundle-HML5 application
make a zip

really don’t know what the magic but only changing render script and make application after it, didn’t help

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The issue is caused by MIME types in the server. just add “tjs” and “ks” MIME types in the server as text/plain MIME types. each panel has its own option to add MIME types. for example in Pleas you should go into virtual directories → MIMe tab and add them

Pleas: Plesk