Bit-Riders Source Code


Hey guys !!
I hope you all are doing well.
Eons ago I made a small game called BitRiders, which was to my relief, the most complete game till date I had worked on :muscle: . I now feel that the development of that project is far more than complete, and rather than let it sit on my hard drive and rust, what can be better than make it all available to you all awesome people :sunglasses:

The project contains:

  1. A complete retro Traffic Rider gameplay.
  2. Car shop - Buy more cars
  3. Area Shop - Ride around the world.
  4. capture and share screenshots
  5. A non-working daily rewards system.
  6. Animated Tutorials and Credits scene.

I still need to document it properly, but over time, that will follow too, with me explaining how every function works.
So without further ado, here’s the link to the repo:
Learn. Enjoy. And don’t open the ingame.gui_script (It’s a hell of a mess)
And if you make something extending upon this, I will be more than happy to see it :wink:

Still here? Go make games !