Big Klondike

We have made our own version of the “Windows Solitaire” variation called Klondike Solitaire made with Defold called Big Klondike!

Official site


iOS ‎Big Klondike on the App Store

Win / Mac / Linux Big Klondike - Classic Solitaire on Steam

DRM Free Big Klondike - Classic Solitaire by Subsoap



I changed the itch page to make payments optional so if you want to download the installers for free go for it and send me any comments you have! :slight_smile:

2021-07-24 08_07_55-Home - Steamworks

Steam appid is paid for and will be setup in the future. The store page has to be coming soon 2 weeks before I can release, and it takes a while to review so it won’t be going live ASAP but on the other hand it will benefit from a few more updates before releasing there. I’m going to be testing IAP for the first time, though I may do DLC instead for Thank the Devs thing.


Good luck! Can you go into your reasoning behind your monetisation model a bit more? Is this the way you think it will be most profitable, or are there alternative considerations at play here?


At the moment I plan to add paid DLC for meta game content that is paid only. But this will only happen if the base game gets popular enough.

I don’t really expect BK to make any meaningful money in the short term (especially without having ads, though for mobile and web I won’t market it as ad free because eventually I might enable them), but long term see it as a possible loss leader to promote other bigger games.


not sure why this version works slow on my PC and Chrome is getting 70% of CPU :confused:

Web profiler doesn’t show anything strange, and it uses only about 11 drawcalls on the game screen. I have ad networks loaded in JS but don’t have any ads playing right now, maybe they are causing it?

2021-07-25 09_02_11-Big Klondike - Classic Solitaire

pls show your Display section from the game.projectfile

Usually I use the following settings:

Maybe it worth to try.

:man_shrugging: I don’t know why.The game control also feels slow. Card movements looks like 20 fps.
UPD: CPU drops usage to 20% and fan drop down speed if I reduce html window size to minimal. (From full HD)

Updated with the display settings via @AGulev set and disabled the ad networks from loading. You may need to hold shift while reloading to force new version to load.

Big Klondike - Classic Solitaire

I’ll try, but I don’t see the difference yet. Also tried to play in ‘incognito’ browser mode and noticed that “Begin new game” button does not work. Nothing happened when click. (Cancel button works, mode switchers work)

Did it work before? If you press F12 and look in the source of the parent iframe it should say it’s on version /8/ on the cdn. What’s your GPU?

:partying_face: /8/ works correct! CPU usage drops, fan fell silent. Thanks to @AGulev! GPU is GTX 1060.

“Begin new game” button not work only in “incognito” Chrome mode. In normal mode works ok, I done solitaire party.


Oh, that’s weird! I just tested in Chrome incognito and “Begin new Game” also doesn’t work for me. I will check debug build. :face_with_monocle:

If I had to guess it would be the breaking?

Yep. I’ll try to work around it with a monkey patch maybe.

/9/ is up now, it should work incognito, could you verify?

Big Klondike - Classic Solitaire

The patch… which strangely enough seems to actually allow the storage to work without any errors when it’s done in a pcall? :thinking:

local sys_save_actual = = function(filename, table)
	local success, error_message = pcall(sys_save_actual, filename, table)
	if success then
		return true
		return false

Yes, works fine now.

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Coming Soon on Steam! I’ll press the release button around August 11th.


Pressed the button today. BK is officially released on Steam! It’s free so anyone can download it.

It also has a DLC. Maybe a first for a Defold based game on Steam? The DLC features simply download a key file which can be used to authenticate ownership in a generally pro-consumer way. I plan to do more testing with DLC/IAP features on Steam in the future.


Nice work on the winnable-shuffle bot.

I was spurred into leaving you a review because the negative one you received was so stupid. “This simple solitaire game is just a simple solitaire game!” :exploding_head: