Back in the outline window


I find myself frequently having to go back and forward between the smaller objects in my game and the main collection.

So I double click on a game object and the outline window focuses in on that.
Then the very next thing I want to do is to find the main.collection again…
If I am doing something in the assets then … same thing often I want to go back to the main.collection.

So maybe there is a way already to navigate this that I am not aware of…

But I would like to suggest that in the OutLine view that pressing the “Back button” on my mouse… which is on the side of it would navigate to the last object. Would save a tonne of time.

Another thing which I just saw a post on it the ability to filter the asset page… Similar to the filter that is in the game.project page…

I have seen that there is ctrl-shift and R for assets… but it doesnt find my png files… maybe it can be argued that my project is a mess… but still when a project gets large navigation becomes more important.

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Another one I would like to see is using F3 to repeat the last search

Iam for ever pressing it then have to reset myself and press ctrl - F and re-enter the last data.

Its widely used on Windows… notepad… visual studio etc…



Please suggest it here: