Avoid manually inserting input binding

Hi guys, is there a way to quickly input input bindings without having to scroll through the list, find them and add them one by one? (like searching through the list or auto detect input), it’s killing me :frowning:

@LeeTeng2001 unfortunately not at the moment

thanks for the quick reply, I really like how clean defold looks and use but tilemap and input is killing my workflow :pleading_face:, thank you tho !!

I understand, but fortunately the input is something you usually set up once per project, and not every day. There is also an input binding file in builtins with all keys already bound to an action. The actions are a bit generic, like key_a, key_space etc, but it could work as a nice shortcut for you.

Also, note that you can edit all files as normal text files if that would help speed up your workflow.

There’s definitely room for improvement with tilemap editng. You can use an external tool such as Tiled since it has direct export to the Defold format.

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WOW! I didn’t know that, I just checked the input file and indeed it’s human readable so it’s possible to write external script to automate the task, can I ask is the input name defined in this github file?

I will take a look at Tiled, thanks again! I hope you have a great day sir

This is true for most of our formats. Scriptability being one of the reasons.

can I ask is the input name defined in this github file?

Not sure what you mean?
If you’re looking for the data format, it’s specified in the .proto file here:

Yes, this is important as it is easier to deal with merge conflicts if all files are text based.

We use Google protobuf as the data format. At runtime we use binary format, but while editing we use the text format.