Hi! Is too hard to make autosave on file changes?
At least make it configurable from project settings.
For myself it is not pretty comfort to click cmd + s each time even for a pretty small change.



You don’t need to save before building if that’s what you are after. And the editor will ask if you wish to save before exiting.



Sorry, but why not?



Why not what? We may add autosave but it will not happen soon. Why do you need autosave? Is your computer unstable? Does Defold crash and make you lose your work?

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It is not regarding unstable laptop or defold crash.
Maybe I am only the one, but I very like how it is done in IntelliJ products, you do not need to save each time, when you change the code.
In defold, when I update script properties and save all files, it is required to make an additional click in workspace to actually apply changes and then click save again. It is quite annoying.
I know that autosave is not fix for this, but by this we can skip an additional action each time, when you change the code or script properties.

I would add demo to this post, but after uploading a file it does not adds it.



If you change a property you must make sure to “step out of the field” for the change to take effect. If you save or build before that the new value will not be used.



+1 for autosave. Defold never crashes for me, but the idea of files needing to be saved feels unnecessary and even confusing when building game does not require saving.

I’ve been using emacs a lot, and it required me to save files, and I had a habit of pressing save shortcut all the time, and I’d say I’m glad that I don’t have to do it any more with intellij idea: it’s like an itch you keep scratching, but it’s never going away, and it does not benefit you in any way.



+1 As long as it’s configurable :slight_smile:



When would you autosave? On a timer? When changing file? What’s customary?



On a file change I guess is the best option.



But, the file only changes if you save it? :wink:

Jokes aside, I’m more accustomed to a timed autosave (e.g every 5 minutes or so)



From my point of view:

  • 5 min autosave is solving the problem, to backup the files if application was crashed - it is not worth it, Defold does not crash so often, it does not needs it.
  • autosave on each file change almost immediatly, like in intellij jet brains products or like in visual studio code - we get rid of additional action to save the file - worth it
    How do you think?


Wanted to clarify: IDEA does not autosave files on every change, it will be too much disk io. It saves files on:

  • calling to external processes that may read project files, such as compile and run
  • when it loses focus (because user can then open edited files in external program) or quits (duh)
  • when user opens IDEA’s built in terminal (which is kind of losing focus)


No action for this feature request?



I wouldn’t expect action after only 10 days. Especially not in the summer when the team is taking their vacations. It’s a feature request, not a bug report, and not something that will block a project. It’s not going to be a high priority, and there are already a few hundred other feature requests for the editor (on top of at least that many bug reports).



You could probably write a tool to periodically press Ctrl+S for you while the Defold window is open. Not sure if that would make any bad consequences. Should be easy to make with something like autohotkey.



We planned or most recent sprint on the 24th of June. The sprint lasts four weeks long. A sprint is usually two weeks but we doubled the length over summer and announced it on the forum. Unless you’ve discovered a very critical bug no unplanned work will be taken on for this period of time. We will consider your request in our planning session on the 22nd of July and maybe start working on this feature after that date. There is however no guarantee that we will prioritise it high enough though.