Asset portal projects access from Defold opening screen?


Just a thing to consider - but maybe it’s a good idea to add some projects from Defold Asset Portal to the New Project -> From Sample or another Tab here?

If you would like this, vote here with :+1: :



Good idea!
This sounds like a great opportunity for a community contribution!



Is it? Any tips where to start biting it? :smiley:

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As for where the code is, I believe it’s welcome.clj.

And, for the task itself, I’d start with creating a new tab in the dialog, and also create a function that can scrape all the templates from a webpage. Since the assets’ meta info is actually stored here, you can iterate over those, and then redirect to each repo, to see if they contain a game.project. If it does, it’s an “asset”.

As for getting started using Clojure, I think @markus.gustavsson and @vlaaad can help.



And the actual content to show is here:

As a first step it could be a curated and hardcoded list instead of dynamically checking each asset.



Ok, seems really easy to do with static content I could just put there. How can I build it then? Where to start?

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Setup the engine:
Building the engine:
Setup and Building the editor:

You need to setup and be able to build both the engine and the editor.



What is:

:skip-root? true




Good question. The key seems unused. There are other things such as “duration” that isn’t used either.

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