Asset portal no name search


Plz add search bar for asset portal

also plz add topic for related stuff, not about the engine

also plz add delete project button within the engine

also the desktop shortcut icon for forums has a white background, and the one for the dashboard is extremely pixelated



Please spend a little bit of time to add punctuation and start your sentences with a capital letter. It will make the reading experience for the rest of us better.

Also what is uwu and owo? It is very hard to take your feedback seriously when you’ve obviously not spent any time writing it properly.



Owo(closest: :flushed:) and uwu( closest: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:) are face emojis like >_< from a dead meme from around last year






Now u ignore me bruh



That’s rude. Please be respectful of other people’s time. This is not a customer support service that you paid for. People take from their own time to contribute to this forum. You are not entitled to a timely answer (or to an answer at all, for that matter). If you think the other person forgot about you, it’s ok to ping them to remind them, but in a respectful and polite way.



What @dapetcu21 said. We give this away for free for anyone to use in the hope that suggestions and bug reports will feed back into our team so that we can make it an even better product. We’re a comparatively small team and we need to spend our time where it is of the most use. I expect a certain level of professionalism in the people I interact with and I expect everyone to use the English language to the best of their ability and in a non offensive way.

We are working on a new and simplified version of the asset portal.

Where, on the forum?

We will not do this. In fact, we are considering what to do with the dashboard as a whole. Most new projects are GitHub hosted and we see from usage statistics that very few projects are active on the dashboard and the return on invested time is low.

I’ll see if it is a quick fix in Discourse (the software used for the forum)

See answer above.



Yes, it was. Updated the logo to a transparent one.



Ok im sorry

Ye the forum for the thing

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The forum is intended for discussions about everything Defold related so feel free to write about the webpage as well!

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