Are liveupdate platform specific?


When using LiveUpdate with ZIP, that I upload on my own server.
Do I need to use a different URL depending on the platform?
Or is the content of the ZIP the same regardless of the platform?

It appears I need to change the URL of resource downloading according to the platform, but I want to make sure it’s correct.

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The content per platform may very well vary.
I don’t think we’ll every make such guarantee either, as that would limit our range of solutions in the future.

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OK so I believe I should use different URLs according to the platform:

if message_id == hash("attempt_download") then
		local manifest = resource.get_current_manifest() 
		local device = device()
		local base_url = string.format("",device)
        local url = base_url .. message.resource_hash
	   http.request(url, "GET", function(self, id, response)


Yes, exactly. This will avoid any problems down the road.