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This would be a more simple ad solution to add probably.


lets resurrect this =]
Appodeal have made a preview version of a Defold plugin. The discussion happens on #monetization_sdk slack channel at

Here’s the short how-to by Appodeal team:

DefAds - Showing ads on mobile using a webview



Any ETA for Android support from them?


Not sure, but according to the #monetization_sdk Slack channel there’s someone at Appodeal already working on the Android version of the extension. Hopefully not long now.


IIRC they were expecting some fixes on our side. Also @AGulev spent quite a bit of time with their devs at a recent event in Moscow and may know more.


They got that fix already, and as Björn mentioned, they’re already working on the android version.


I just asked them if this was available, and they said they don’t have any plans for Defold at the moment. I bet it got tabled for a while.


Interesting =] There’s the yesterday’s chat on our slack:

[7:48 PM]
splashshadow Hi, any progress here ?
[9:31 AM]
evangelist I think they eventually dropped this. Unless @nazar_kozak or @pavel_du can comment more
[1:04 PM]
nazar_kozak hi guys! i am very sorry for all this delays. We had huge plugin cluster restructure and i had no time on this. I am updating it to SDK’s 2.1.7 now. It contains all important changes for new Admob Policy. Keeping you posted on update.


Hi, all! There is good news and there is bad news. Today I found Appodeal sdk for Defold at their integration page. But support of all engines except Unity and Corona will be stopped 1.03.2018.


You can still use existing SDK they are just not focusing on it. And you can fork and update it yourself probably.

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