AppMetrica and Applovin Max SDKs

We’ve been talking with a publisher that mostly deals with Unity games and has requirements for advertising & analytics SDKs that are easily supported in Unity but not for Defold.

In particular, they require Applovin Max (including Unity Ads, Fyber, Mintegral and Ironsource adapters) for both Android and iOS, and AppMetrica.

I’m aware of which is Android-only, and supports some other ad networks (inc Facebook / Admob, which is useful)

In the medium term, we might be able to develop or fund the development of these - but of course, that may be dependent on signing a publishing deal.

So in the short term, is anyone aware of any Defold SDKs/wrappers for AppMetrica and Applovin Max that I might have missed?


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I’m only aware of that version. But perhaps further work (incl. iOS) can be based on that version? I noticed that AppLovin now share their adapters here:

It should make it much easier when implementing the extension in Defold.