App stuck at loading screen (SOLVED)


Hello everyone,
I am back with a new problem
Whenever I build my game it is just stuck at loading screen, the background music plays all right, but the fader doesn’t fade, while it does so in the ctrl B build. I have enabled write logs, and the log.txt on my phone is completely blank :page_facing_up: .
What could be the possible error?
Thanks in advance.
And a happy new year.


A Ctrl+B build as you call it will result in a debug build. When you bundle, do you bundle a debug or release build?


A release build.


Ok, and what is it that decides when to fade? What’s the trigger code for this? Are you perhaps somehow relying on the result of a tostring() call on a hash type? Reverse hash functionality is disabled in release builds.


None of this, sir :slight_smile:
The code that I am using is

function init(self)
self.fader = gui.get_node("fader")
--get all other nodes
flow(function() --ludobits flow
save.get() -- functions for saving and loading data
self.scene = "menu"
gui.animate(self.fader, gui.PROP_COLOR, vmath.vector4(0), gui.EASING_LINEAR, 2, 0, function ()
broadcast.send("loaded") -- ludobits broadcast 

Sorry for any typos, but I assure you that the code has no compiler errors, in case they crept in during typing here.


Ok, can you share the project with me (


I bet that one of the async functions within that flow is failing.


Sent :heavy_check_mark: in a PM
EDIT I forgot to mention that the fader is located in controller.gui_script.


When I tried to bundle your project I got to errors for missing resources: shop.tilemap and stall-i.tilemap both referred to a tilesource that doesn’t exist in the project. I assigned two random tilemaps to be able to proceed and my release build successfully started.

Now, I don’t think that is where you get problems on Windows though, but please fix those errors and try again. If it still fails then I recommend that you add a text node to controller.gui and use that to output log messages (since print() won’t work in release builds). Start logging some text to screen after every line of code running in the init() function. That will help you pinpoint the problem. Let me know how it goes!


Thanks @britzl. Yes, the tilemaps were missing, I found them later on. But I also found the source of the problem . Actually it was there in my save game scripte, it was trying to load a non existing file, and assign it to my player_data, which created errors and prevented the loading of menu collection. Thanks again for your support.