Anyone uses vim/nvim with Defold and Lua?

I’ve decided to embraced the pain and try to use vim/nvim.
I’ll probably get lost in the miriad of plugins and settings but wanted to know if anyone has tried that with Defold/Lua?

Im using neovim for everything, including Defold.
I could never work with the builtin editor of Defold, to me it’s unproductive as fck, sorry devs :wink:

If you want an easy start you could use LunarVim or AstroNvim.

I have my own config but I played a little with LunarVim and it just works out of the box with great settings. You should really give it a go.

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I’m using nvim too. Here’s my vimrc:

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Why is that?

I’m been working with the builtin editor from the start… Seems to be okay to me (since I’ve never been a developer before) but maybe I’m ignoring something crucial :thinking:

Thanks everyone I’ll definitely have a look at all those options.
I’m a pretty minimalist guy, so I want to have a bare minimal config or I can simply stay with vscode.

@Ragetto The built in editor is ok if you’re doing quick changes but if you need to navigate a bigger project other editors definitely have the lead, especially with language server for lua.

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