Any way to have an headless engine? (SOLVED)


Yup, going down that rabbit hole and want to use Defold to build some command line tools for editor extensions :stuck_out_tongue:

If not, what would you recommend for multi-platform command line? I’ve already discarded python, need something compiled.



To build a headless version of the engine, you need to use bob.jar:

Use the “–variant headless” option when bundling.

What types of command line tools are you looking to create?

My suspicion is that it’s going to end up being a roundabout way of using Lua. I.e. why not use Lua directly?

need something compiled.

What is the requirements here?



It’s for a toolkit I’m building for point & click adventure games. Because I plan on distributing it, I want to keep the dependencies to a real minimum or I would have used shell scripts and python.

I have a few things in mind, but mostly it will be generating/parsing resources like collections and gos with script files, some automatic lua modules, dialogues, etc. Plus a few graphical helpers for cut-scenes, walkable areas (unless you get convex shape drawing in the editor first hint hint), timed events on animation.

And of course a small DSL to script everything properly :wink:



@gianmichele I ran across Luapak and luastatic other other day while trying desperately to avoid writing multi-platfom command line tools in Golang. I haven’t used either yet, but I’m hopeful they might allow me to reuse my lua code and avoid having to jump between languages too much.