Any good tutorials for learning?


Im starting with this engine, but the tutorials dont explain all and I thing give things to known.


The ones included in the editor
New project -> from tutorial
Follow the instructions in the readme included in the project


Which of our tutorials have you done? There are several that are available from the Welcome Screen in the editor. Also, please tell us what things you didn’t understand in the tutorials you have tried so far. There is also the Examples page under the Learn section on the website. These are small isolated examples with just a few lines of code.


@Vik, try the Defold War Battle video tutorials, it doesn’t cover all but it should get the ball rolling.

Have fun and have patience.


@britzl @funtikar thanks. I did all the tutorials , but I think it could be great with more tutorials, a project starting from scratch and explain the interactions betwen objects, oop, message system,physics …
I will check those videos thanks.


That is a lot of ground to cover.

We have two good video tutorials on this:


More about physics in Defold can be found here:

Is there something about the physics system that isn’t clear? I’m happy to answer any questions you might have!

Defold does not encourage object oriented programming (although it doesn’t prevent it).


thank you very much, I have too much for learn, but manual and the community are very helpfull. :slight_smile: